Order picking specialists for the e-commerce

A 3SI Group subsidiary, Dispeo specialises in order picking for online retailers. Its organisation is specifically designed to meet the essential needs of the e-commerce industry, namely speed, reliability, cost and volumes.

A comprehensive, flexible solution

With 3 major warehouses near Lille, boasting a combined area of more than 193,000m², including the mechanised hub in Hem, Dispeo has a storage capacity of over 1 million box spaces.  It can process an average of 80 million items per year, i.e. 150,000 parcels every day.

With its 1,000 employees, Dispeo has developed a comprehensive collection of services aimed at all online retailers, covering the full range of needs within the supply chain: organising international transport from supply sources, goods reception and quality control, warehousing, order picking, coordinating carrier handover to end customers within Europe, and customer returns processing.

Supporting customers through operational expertise

All our employees are proud to belong to Dispeo, and work hard to ensure that the business is a success.We guarantee our customers a high level of service quality in line with our consumer promises. We are constantly innovating, and advise our customers how to select the service best suited to their needs.

1,000 employees: our lifeblood

Our organisation places great importance on the versatility of its multi-skilled employees and the service they are able to provide customers. We generate movement within the company by building, incorporating and developing people’s skills.