Activity Sectors

Fashion, Ready-to-wear & Shoes

For a wide assortment of products

  • Adjustable storage racks and mounted on ride-on powered conveyors mezzanines
  • Automated sorting Sorters include the different items of the same order
  • Printing the decentralized delivery note to the packaging station
Beauty, Luxury & Cosmetics

A smaller range with high sales turnover per item and extremely season-driven

  • Dual pick-and-pack type picking lines for optimum flexibility
  • Order personalisation mechanised packaging, gift cards, gift wrap, tissue paper, targeted third party inserts, etc.
  • Secure packaging consumables and mechanised packaging solutions
Hi Tech & Cultural products

Products with high value-added, few items per order

  • Picking and packaging lines designed to suit individual product ranges, from USB keys and smartphones through to LED TV screens
  • High levels of security
  • Adaptable and upgradeable WMS, with a trackable serial number
Domestic goods and Leisure items

Bulky, heavy and cumbersome products

  • Specialist handling equipment & specially adapted storage areas
  • A wide range of packaging and assembly consumables for your products
  • Mass quantities of perishables requiring best-before-date management
  • Batching
  • Compliance with storage standards and regulations